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Automotive Window Tinting

AUTO WINDOW TINTING | ** Auto tinting services currently unavailable **

Custom Glass Tinting of Lakeland provides high-quality automotive window privacy tinting services that can offer a range of benefits to automotive owners. Tinting your windows is a great way to increase privacy and security, reduce interior fading and glare, improve comfort, and enhance the overall look of your vehicle.

Whether you have a brand new or new-to-you automobile, our window tint helps reduce damaging sun rays and keep you comfortable as you navigate the Florida roadways. We are experts in our field, focusing on home and commercial window privacy tinting, but we also provide superior window films and service on automobiles, RVs, and commercial vehicles. Custom Glass Tinting of Lakeland provides clients with optimal coverage to fit their needs and a lifetime warranty on all film and labor.

Benefits of Window Tinting

  • Heat Reduction
  • Reduces Glare
  • UV Protection
  • Maintain a comfortable temperature
  • Safety and Security
  • Enhances the look of your vehicle

Affordable Window Tinting

**Auto services currently unavailable**

(863) 604-2645


Automotive window privacy tinting is highly effective at reducing solar heat gain within your vehicle’s interior. Tinting helps keep your car cooler on hot summer days, reducing the need for air conditioning and saving you money on fuel costs. By installing an automotive window film with Custom Glass Tinting of Lakeland, you can block 48%-71% of the heat from your vehicle. Depending on your film selection, window tint can significantly reduce the strain on your A/C compressor. Cooling your vehicle is vital during the hot Florida summers, but it shouldn’t add strain to your vehicle or wallet. Tinting your automotive glass can help.


Custom Glass Tinting of Lakeland automotive window tinting films is a great way to reduce blinding glare from the sun, especially when driving west in the evening. Tinting your windows results in more comfortable viewing and causes less stress on your eyes. It is like having polarized sunglasses on your vehicle’s windows, which allows for safer driving conditions any time of the day.


Automotive window privacy tinting also helps protect interior fabrics and surfaces from sun damage. Window tinting prevents fading and can also help reduce the risk of skin cancer by blocking up to 99% of harmful UV rays.


Installing window film on your vehicle allows you to maintain a cooler temperature in the vehicle’s interior. When your car is parked, the sun’s rays generate an abundance of heat that enters through the windows. You can diminish those rays with tinted windows and create a cooler environment.

Clients can also cool their vehicles faster once returning. With the windows tinted, you are effectively creating insulation for the glass. It keeps the hot temperatures out and cool temperatures in. Let your window tint work for you!


Automotive window privacy tinting can provide an added layer of protection for you and your family. Adding automotive window film strengthens your vehicle’s glass to help prevent break-ins or shattered glass in an accident.


Window film will change the look of your vehicle with one easy step. Take your vehicle from factory stock to a much more personal and custom look to match your style by selecting the right window tint. We spend a lot of time in our vehicles and want to show off our tastes and styles. By adding new window privacy tinting in one of many shades available from Custom Glass Tinting of Lakeland, friends and family will be envious.

Give Your Car That Extra Protection

Not only does Custom Glass Tinting add a fresh new look to your vehicle, but it also provides protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, heat plus theft. Custom Glass Tinting provides window tinting services for most vehicles on the market.

We have many options of window tinting films and we provide a true lifetime warranty on our automotive services. Our fully licensed and insured company offers mobile service for your convenience. Call us today for a free vehicle window tinting estimate.

Count on Superb UV Protection

With the addition of vehicle window tint, you’ll be blocking up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. This works to protect not only you and your loved ones from sun damages, but also protects your interior as well as your personal belongings. Most importantly, your customers’ merchandise during deliveries.

Benefits of Window Tinting

  • Vehicle window tinting blocks up to 71% of solar energy
  • Minimize A/C use
  • Reduces Glare
  • Maintain a comfortable temperature
  • Enhances the look of your vehicle

Tinting Adds Safety and Security

Receive added safety and security protection with window tinting. If you are ever involved in an accident, the tint will help to keep the broken glass together. This will greatly reduce your chance of injury from the broken glass pieces.

Protect Your Auto From Theft Prevention

Vehicle window tinting also protects you from auto theft as window tint makes the vehicle windows more durable, since the broken glass is held together by the window film. Even a thief who succeeds in breaking a window is still faced with a solid panel of broken glass to deal with.

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