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Commercial Glass Tinting Services


Custom Glass Tinting of Lakeland provides high-quality commercial window tinting services to customers looking to make a great first impression. Our variety of film window coverings allows business owners to create an atmosphere consistent with their brand messaging while enjoying all the additional benefits of window tint.

With a focus on commercial and residential window tinting, we provide clients with optimal coverage to fit their needs, along with a 15 year warranty on film window coverings for commercial jobs and a lifetime warranty on labor. With Custom Glass Tinting of Lakeland services, business owners can make a great first impression, save on energy bills, protect their assets and distinguish themselves from other businesses in an area. If you want to enhance your curb appeal, consider window tinting services with Custom Glass Tinting of Lakeland. Call us today at (863) 604-2645 for your free estimate and make your business stand out in a crowd!

Add Beauty to Your Facility With Window Tinting

  • Make a Great First Impression
  • Select From a Wide Variety of Styles
  • Distinguish Your Facility with Decorative Films
  • Enhances Your Facility’s Appearance
  • The Added Bonus – Energy Savings

Save Big Money

Call us today for a FREE commercial window tinting estimate.

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Commercial window tinting from Custom Glass Tinting of Lakeland is the perfect way to enhance your commercial facility’s appearance. Window film coverings add beauty and class to commercial buildings while providing numerous other benefits. With commercial window tinting, you can make a great first impression on potential clients or customers with an attractive and modern look.

First impressions are everything when customers come to our place of business looking for services. Start at the front door and impress them with an upgraded tint. Make your facility stand out by selecting one of our many window tinting choices. From a clean, neutral look to an eye-popping reflective look, Custom Glass Tinting of Lakeland offers the right choice for you!


The beauty of window film coverings is that there are almost endless options. Every type of business and its locations can stand out just by making the right choice. Depending on each specific type of application, we have interior and exterior films providing different benefits depending on the client’s needs.

Whether looking for privacy in an office or creating a front entrance that gets your customers talking, we have the films for you. From translucent to opaque, frosted to reflective, we have the resources to create commercial applications that make a statement of distinction.


For owners that want to stand out above their competition, Custom Glass Tinting of Lakeland offers hundreds of styles of decorative film selections to impress customers when they arrive and while they visit our client’s facilities.

Our decorative film window coverings will give our client’s customers something eye-catching to look at while they wait and something to discuss with their friends and family after visiting your location.


At Custom Glass Tinting of Lakeland, we offer professionally-installed commercial window tinting on any commercial glass window to enhance your facility’s appearance. Even small changes can improve how visitors view your business. Something as simple as a frosted logo, can make you stand out amongst peers. We understand that commercial window tinting offers more than just aesthetic appeal; commercial window tinting helps to reduce glare, protect furniture and equipment from fading, protect occupants’ privacy, and helps save energy costs. There are so many benefits why hesitate, contact our knowledgeable staff today?


Saving on energy costs is always at the top of most business owners’ minds. Business owners jump at the opportunity when they can eliminate out-of-pocket costs with a simple fix. Commercial window tinting blocks the sun’s UV rays and helps regulate indoor temperatures. This reduction in temperature will reduce energy costs and keep your commercial building at a comfortable temperature for customers and employees alike.

Save on Your Business' Energy Bills

Window tinting has been proven to reduce up to 83% of the sun’s heat. This means that not only are you increasing the comfort level of your facility, but you are also enhancing the look of it. This can also convert into a large money-saving opportunity on your commercial business’ energy bill.
With services from Custom Glass Tinting you’ll ensure the satisfaction and comfort of your employees and customers with reduced hot spots, glare, heat, and fluctuating temperatures. Call us today for a free window tinting estimate.

Protect Your Investments

Direct sunlight can be very discomforting. It can also be damaging to your carpets, furniture, and equipment. Block up to 99% of those destructive UV rays with our wide variety of window tinting film options. When it comes to commercial glass tinting in central Florida and surrounding areas there is only one name to turn to, and that’s Custom Glass Tinting.

Add Beauty to Your Facility

  • A great first impression
  • Wide variety of styles
  • Enhances your facilities appearance
  • Perfect for any environment
  • Distinguish your facility with decorative films
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