Shop Small Business


Here at Custom Glass Tinting, we understand the value and importance of shopping at your local small business’s and mom & pop stores and restaurant’s.

After opening our doors almost 40 years ago, we quickly realized just how difficult being a small business can be, especially competing with huge corporate chain stores. This is why we greatly appreciate our clients that choose to hire Custom Glass Tinting for their window tinting projects.

We know that huge chain stores can often offer lower and more cost effective products, pricing and services then many small business’s can and of course this can be very appealing to potential customers. However we at Custom Glass Tinting know that small business’s offer way more then just a low price.

When you shop small business you get caring people that will actually take the time to truly understand your needs and concerns. They will spend the time necessary to get to know you and your specific situation to better understand exactly what you need and what a good solution for you would be.

Unlike huge chain stores, small business’s treat their clients like real people and not just a number. After hiring a small business you can usually expect quality products, phenomenal customer service and a true respect for the clients time. More importantly you get a live person when you call.

So, Custom Glass Tinting highly encourages everyone to shop small business’s and local mom & pop stores to help our communities become stronger. As we shop and support local and small business’s we are investing in one another and creating a sustainable future for our families to enjoy and live in for generations.

Listed below are some small business’s and mom & pop locations that Custom Glass Tinting has personally used, and still currently uses and has had exceptional and amazing experiences with.

We hope these small business’s can serve you well too, so please, if you see one that can help you with a project or looks like a great place to visit click on there website, call them today or plan a visit.


Mind Pawns Alliance Project

Through personalized coaching, Lane Simmons inspires individuals to recognize and manifest their limitless capabilities, turning dreams into tangible reality. Together, we shape destinies and help clients become conscious creators of extraordinary lives.

Phone Number: (813) 316-5365

Crestwood Cuts

A custom wood working company that specializes in making anything you need, want or even think of, custom created for your home or business. These projects are made from quality solid exotic hard woods and come in many different colors and variations. Craig and Sarah will spend the time with you to design your project and turn a thought into a tangible reality.

Phone Number: 863-825-5182

Richards Automotive

A well known, honest and trusted mechanics shop specializing in repairs, alignment’s, brakes, A/C and oil changes. Custom Glass Tinting has been using Richards Automotive for well over 18 years now.

Phone Number: (813) 232-2016

Gleam Window Cleaning

Gleam offers services to clean the windows of your home or business. They also offer service’s like pressure washing driveways, house, patios and more, plus hanging lights for the holidays.

Phone Number: (863) 393-8020

Brittle Enterprises

Provide’s decorative concrete curbing services in and around Lakeland, Florida. You can hire them to install anything from curbing around your patio to a curb for your garden or walkway. Not only will your concrete curbing be durable and reliable, but you can also decorate it with multiple choices of patterns that you like and color’s of your choosing.

Phone Number: (863) 944-1345

Galileo’s Landscaping Service

Gilileo’s Landscaping Service is a family owned and operated business providing high quality commercial and residential lawn and landscaping services.

Phone Number: (863) 254-1147

Todd’s Motortown

At unbeatable prices you can’t find anywhere else, custom installation services and free consultations, you can rest easy knowing your truck is getting the best toppers, running boards, floor mats, and all other accessories.

Phone Number: 863-667-3835

Supreme A/C Solutions

No job is ever too big or small! From air conditioning maintenance to AC insulation services in Lakeland, FL and the surrounding areas, we do it all!

Phone Number: (863) 602-7302

Adams Pressure Washing

Established in 2017 by Adam Boykin. Now owned by Adam’s nephew Travis Alderman. Performing all of your power washing needs from residential to commercial.

Phone Number: (863) 255-4400

Reyes Paving & Construction LLC

Reyes Paving offers pavers work for driveways, patios, fire pits, retainer walls and more. They do offer free estimates.

Phone Number: (813) 720-6725