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Terms of Service

  • Client agrees to forfeit deposit in the event the client cancels after materials have been ordered.
  • A new deposit is required to reschedule a new installation date.
  • Clients agree to pay half of the job cost should the client cancel or reschedule once the film has been pre-cut and the film becomes non-usable.
  • Client agrees to pay a $250 missed appointment fee in the event the installation is canceled or rescheduled due to having no access to the job site at the previously agreed to time and date. 30 minute max grace period.
  • Client agrees to pay a $1,000 fee in the event furniture is not moved as required prior to start of installation and CGT must move the furniture.
  • CGT is not responsible for any items, belongings or furniture that may be damaged when CGT has to move them around.
  • Warranties are activated and guaranteed only for clients that are paid in full.
  • Failure to have payment in full upon completion or other agreed to terms will result in a 10% late fee being added to the total amount of the bill every 30 days in which the client agrees to pay until the client is paid in full.
  • Clients that are not on site upon completion are required to pay with a credit or debit card over the phone before closing of that same day to avoid paying the 10% late fee.
  • CGT is not responsible for any scratches that may occur when removing previously installed film.
  • Steel and metal frames may oxidize and possibly cause discoloration to the film.
  • Plastic/Vinyl/Wood Door and/or window trim paint may come off during cleaning of the windows and doors.
  • All wood, french pane, and snap-in vinyl grid windows have a higher tolerance of contamination risk to the installation.
  • Client agrees to secure a 25% non-refundable deposit to order materials and to schedule the installation date.
  • Client agrees to secure a 50% non-refundable deposit on all speciality, decorative, decal and graphics installations.
  • Client agrees to pay a 3% convenience fee on all debit and credit card transactions.
  • Client agrees to pay all late fees, cancellation fees, missed appointment fees and/or any other fee or charge immediately on said date with any payment information that CGT has on file for that client and the client gives full consent for CGT to charge said payment amount and method.
  • Client agrees to all of the above terms once a deposit is collected, an installation date is scheduled or a signature is provided, unless other terms are discussed, documented and agreed to by both parties involved or another contract supersedes this agreement.