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The outside world can feel like an imposition when it’s right outside your windows. In a time when homes are built with zero-lot lines and more people are coming to Florida, window tint and privacy window film are more popular than ever. Homeowners want to avoid outsiders looking in and making them feel vulnerable. Residential window tinting provides privacy and comfort to homeowners while giving them relief from unwanted prying eyes from outside.

Custom Glass Tinting of Lakeland provides high-quality window tinting services that can take the worry out of prying eyes. With a focus on home and commercial window tinting, we provide clients with optimal coverage to fit their needs along with a lifetime warranty on all film and labor. With Custom Glass Tinting of Lakeland services, homeowners can get lower energy bills, privacy, and a more comfortable living environment.


  • Increased Privacy
  • Decreased Interior Temperatures
  • Lower Energy Bills
  • UV protection
  • Higher Overall Window Efficiency

Home Window Tinting

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On time! Professional! Perfect!! Love the idea of having my car windows tinted at home. A life saver for stay at home moms, especially with a toddler!!! Will definitely use this service for all of my tinting needs!!! Thank you, Darren!!!

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Buying overpriced blackout curtains may eliminate peering eyes into your home, but it also comes at a cost: homeowners are unable to enjoy the world outside. Additionally, curtains collect dust and become another thing you have to maintain and clean.

One solution that is becoming increasingly popular to protect much-desired privacy is privacy window films. Window tinting services by Custom Glass Tinting of Lakeland aims to deter prying eyes with our reflective and one-way mirror films.

Energy costs and privacy are of the biggest concerns causing homeowners to get window tint installed. Whether you are looking to cut down visibility from the street into your home or want complete privacy in a bathroom window, Custom Glass Tinting of Lakeland has the privacy window film you need.

If you want privacy or to lower energy costs, we offer professionally installed tinting to ease your mind with 7, 10 or a 15% Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) film. Visible Light Transmittance is the percentage or amount of visible light that can pass through the tint. When the VLT percentage is low, less light can pass through the tint. The darker the tint, the more heat and sun it blocks out resulting in a private, cooler and more efficient space.

Semi-reflective films allow outsiders to view the home’s interior from close but will eliminate people from seeing inside your home from the street during the day. It is important to note that this type of tint WILL allow full visibility at night if lights are on inside the location. Homeowners should consider frosted or opaque window films if they want complete privacy day and night.


Residential tinting provides added comfort while blocking the sun’s harmful UV rays. Comfort inside the home during the hot Florida summers is essential to homeowners. Window tinting keeps spaces cooler in the summer by blocking out the heat. This temperature control method is a great way to reduce rising energy costs.

Privacy window film can reduce the amount of sun allowed into the home, which can help protect residents with certain medical issues. Choosing Custom Glass Tinting of Lakeland guarantees unparalleled service and customer support when trying to keep skin safe or maintain a consistent interior climate. We will work with you to create an environment that meets your temperature, comfort, and light sensitivity needs while creating an inviting and beautiful setting for everyone to enjoy.


Having residential window tinting installed can help homeowners lower their energy bills. Residential window tinting reduces heat and glare. It also helps to keep interiors cooler and helps with the air conditioning in return lowering the electricity costs.

With the rising costs of energy bills and services that you use daily, knowing that you can lower your annual energy costs is an advantage many customers can’t pass up. Air conditioning accounts for more than 40% of your utility bill. For every degree setting below 78 degrees, you spend up to 8% more in energy costs. By installing residential window tint, homeowners can expect an immediate return on their window film investment.


Besides privacy, window tinting provides UV protection for your home. The sun’s harmful rays can bleach furniture and flooring, which creates uneven coloring throughout the location. The added benefit of residential window tinting is extending your furnishings’ life and appearance. High-end investments are protected from the sun. Window tinting also adds a touch of sophistication to any room and helps create an inviting atmosphere.

Residential window tinting is an investment that pays off immediately. You won’t regret choosing window tinting as the solution when it comes to ensuring your home is everything you could ever ask for.


Window tinting is an excellent way for homeowners to enhance their privacy without compromising their style. It provides peace of mind knowing that prying eyes won’t be able to see inside. With so many styles and options available at varying price points, there is no reason not to consider Custom Glass Tinting of Lakeland for your windows tinting projects today!


Enhance the look of your house’s windows with eye-appealing window films provided by the experienced professionals at Custom Glass Tinting. We have been providing the amazing people of Florida with reliable window tinting services for 37 years and have become the team for home glass tinting that Florida trusts!


Window film helps you save money on your energy bills by insulating your windows. Window film also protects your personal belongings, drapes, and furniture from fading so they maintain their beauty even longer. To get started with your home glass tinting project give us a call today!


  • Energy bill savings
  • Increase the home value
  • Protects from the sun’s damaging UV rays
  • Reduces glare
  • Decorative films
  • Privacy films


Window film reduces the glare in your home while allowing you to enjoy the natural sunlight. Window film is perfect for indoor pools, helping to reduce glare, heat, and bright sunlight. Window film is also easy to clean and maintain.


When you choose Custom Glass Tinting of Lakeland, you receive professional and punctual service backed by exceptional customer support. With lifetime warranties on all home film products and installations, we are confident you will be more than satisfied with our work. For a quality job done right, schedule your free estimate appointment with Custom Glass Tinting of Lakeland today! With all that we offer, you won’t regret securing a 5-star rated company. Call us today at (863) 604-2645 or contact us via our website.